ISO Class 8 Cleanroom Manufacturing: What Is It and When Should It Be Used?

cleanroom manufacturing

ISO certified cleanroom manufacturing is used in numerous industries due to the ability of the cleanroom to filter out various types of pollutants. ISO class 8 cleanrooms are one of the most common cleanroom standards and are suitable for use in the medical, industrial, and electronics industries. While cleanroom manufacturing offers many benefits, it is […]

The Benefits and Process of Creating Solar Custom Plastic Extrusions for Sustainable Energy

solar custom plastic extrusions

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, the need for parts to be used in sustainable energy continues to grow as well. Plastic extruded parts are ideal for use in sustainable energy applications due to their durability, versatility, and ease of production. Solar custom plastic extrusions are just one of many plastic products used in the sustainable […]

Plastic Compounds: What are They and What are the Benefits in the Plastic Extrusion Process?

plastic compounds

Plastic compounds are commonly used in many industries and provide numerous benefits, such as improved performance. These compounds combine polymers with additives to give the resulting products everything they need to be successful in their applications. Let’s explore what these plastic compounds are and how they can benefit you. What are Plastic Compounds? Plastic compounds […]

Creating Versatile Plastic Products Through Profile Extrusion

versatile plastic

There are many instances in which a plastic product needs to have various properties, such as having both rigid and flexible parts. This may seem like a tough feat — having to create two separate parts and mold them together. Luckily, there are a few different production processes that allow you to create versatile plastic […]

From Wire Insulation to Medical Applications: The Benefits and Uses of HDPE Products

hdpe products

High-density polyethylene, or HDPE, is a thermoplastic polymer that is made from petroleum. It is one of the most versatile plastics on the market and is used in a wide range of industries, including construction, medicine, consumer goods, and more. On top of being highly versatile, HDPE has many other beneficial properties, making it a […]

What to Consider in the Plastic Profile Extrusion Die Design Process

plastic profile extrusion die design

In the process of plastic profile extrusion, the molten polymer is passed through the die and takes on the shape of the die cavity. This die is responsible for shaping the thermoplastic and determines the product’s final dimensions and characteristics. As such an essential part of the process, it is crucial to make sure your […]

Exploring the Products Made By Extrusion

products made by extrusion

Plastic extrusion is an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process that creates parts with all of the properties your application requires. The process has so many benefits, it is no surprise that various products in nearly all industries are made through extrusion. So, what are some common products made by extrusion? Let’s explore them. Benefits of Plastic […]

Are Extruded PVC Profiles Right for You?

extruded pvc profiles

PVC is a common polymer that possesses many beneficial properties, and with both rigid and flexible options, it is no wonder this polymer is used in a wide range of industries. From the construction industry to the automotive industry and more, PVC products are found everywhere. While extruded PVC profiles are common, they may not […]

Properties and Applications of Rigid Plastic Extrusion Profiles

rigid plastic extrusion profiles

Rigid plastic extrusion profiles are used in many industries, including automotive, showers, recreational vehicles, construction, and medical applications. These extrusions tend to be very strong and durable, however, depending on the extrusion method, they can have other properties. For example, rigid plastic extrusion profiles can be co-extruded with a flexible polymer in order to yield […]