Creating Medical Grade Plastic Tubing Through Tubing Extrusion

medical grade plastic tubing

Many medical applications require tubing, including IVs, oxygen tubing, catheters, and more. This medical grade plastic tubing is commonly created through the tubing extrusion process, where a molten polymer is pushed through a die in order to create the desired shape. Various polymers are used to create these products depending on their applications. In this […]

The Benefits of Working with An Extruder That Has In-House Tooling Capabilities

in house tooling

In-house tooling capabilities are advantageous in many ways, including lower costs and better-quality products. Manufacturers who have in-house tooling capabilities can create extrusion dies and other tools needed to complete the plastic profile extrusion job without costly shipping or poor communication. The Advantages of In-House Tooling Increased Quality When you choose to outsource your tooling […]

Exploring Custom Extruded Thermoplastics: What is Right for Your Application

extruded thermoplastics

With so many various custom extruded thermoplastics on the market, it may be difficult to know which one is the right fit for your specific application. Various factors need to be considered when choosing a thermoplastic for your application, including the properties of the thermoplastic and the type of environment your product will be subject […]

Custom Extruded Thermoplastics in Modern Architecture and Building


Custom extruded thermoplastics are prominent in modern architecture because of their versatility, durability, and aesthetic flexibility. They offer both practical benefits and design flexibility. These materials are used in many essential building components, such as weatherstripping, trim, molding, seals, tubing, and fittings. They are also used in decorative pieces. The extruded plastics market is expected […]

The Journey of Plastic Profile Extrusion

plastic profile extrusion

Discover how plastic profile extrusion has advanced over time, paving the way for modern processes that create products with different shapes, sizes, layers, and functionalities.