Supporting the Custom Plastic Extrusion Needs for Multiple Industries

Custom Profile is a leading provider of custom plastic extrusion services for companies across North America. With over thirty years of experience and three robust facilities, we’re ready to take on even the most complex projects. Learn more about the industries we serve below, or reach out to our team with questions.

Garage Doors

Whether you’re looking for weatherstripping, trim, molding, seals, or decorative pieces, we’re here to help.

Garage-Doors (2)

Doors and Windows

From weatherstripping and gaskets to frame reinforcements and more, we can help put the finishing touches on your products.



Plastics are a great, cost-effective material for your construction needs. Whether you’re doing a commercial or residential project, we’ve got you covered.


Commercial Refrigeration

Custom plastic extrusion is integral to the commercial refrigeration industry. From door gaskets and trim to shelf edging and drain tubes, we can create the perfect parts for your needs.



Plastic extruded products find numerous applications in appliances due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Whether you’re looking for trim, edging, tubing, hoses, or another custom part, we can create it.


Shower Doors

Plastic parts are a great way to improve shower door functionality, durability, and overall performance. We can create a number of products for your operation.


Renewable Energy

Solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal systems, and more rely on custom plastic extrusion for certain parts. These parts commonly enhance performance, increase durability, and improve overall efficiency.


Recreational Vehicles

From trim and molding to seals, window frames, and more, plastic extruded parts are found in many recreational vehicles. Their versatility, lightweight nature, and cost-effectiveness make them the perfect choice.


Office Furniture

Plastic extruded products are a great way to cost-effectively create well-designed office furniture.



From tubing and catheters to surgical instruments, the medical industry relies on custom plastic extrusion.



Plastic parts are a great way to create various components and fixtures that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of lighting systems.


Lawn and Garden

Plastic extrusion has several applications in the lawn and garden industry, offering solutions for various products and components. These include lawn edging, garden hose and tubing, and more.


Get Started on Your Next Project

Do you have an idea for a custom extruded product? Turn to the experts at Custom Profile. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing high-quality extrusion services for companies across North America. With our three robust locations and ISO certified class 8 clean room, we’re ready to take on even the most challenging projects. Contact us to get started.