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Get Your Plastic Gardening Applications from Custom Profile

Plastic gardening applications have been popular for decades due to their durability, chemical resistance, UV resistance, and waterproof nature. Whether it is outdoor furniture, lawn and garden tools, power equipment, hoses, or more, profile extrusion has become a popular manufacturing method for lawn and garden applications. Custom Profile has everything you need to create successful lawn and garden equipment. Continue on to learn more about our capabilities or contact our team with your questions. 

Our Plastic Lawn and Garden Capabilities

Profile Extrusion

Choose from co-extrusion, dual durometer co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, and crosshead extrusion to create your ideal lawn and garden product. If you need products that are rigid, flexible or have both properties, we can help.


There are many uses for tubing extrusion in the garden and lawn industry. Whether you need rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible tubing for your plastic garden application, our team is here to help you.

In-Line Operations

Our in-line operations save you time and money on your finishing services. We can give your products a high-quality look and feel with our embossing, inkjet printing, and more so your products look exactly as you envisioned.

Assembly and Finishing

We offer thermoforming, off-line punching, custom packaging, and kitting with our assembly and finishing services. These services allow you to rest assured knowing your product is ready to be shipped while saving you time and money.

Turn to Custom Profile for Your Plastic Gardening Application

For more than 30 years, Custom Profile has been trusted with creating high-quality plastic gardening applications. We can create outdoor furniture, power equipment parts, hoses, and more with our plastic profile and tubing extrusion services.  

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