Do You Need Medical Plastics? Custom Profile Has the ISO Certified Class 8 Cleanroom Needed to Make it Happen

Medical plastics have become increasingly popular over the years due to their flexibility, cost-effective nature, biocompatibility, and resistance to various chemicals. From surgical instruments to IV tubing to catheters to syringes and more, plastic extrusion is crucial to the medical industry. At Custom Profile, we have all of the capabilities you need to create the plastic medical applications you need, including an ISO-certified Class 8 Cleanroom so your products meet all of the specifications of the medical industry. Read on to learn more about our capabilities, or contact our team today with questions.

Our Medical Plastics Capabilities

Profile Extrusion

With co-extrusion, dual durometer co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, and crosshead extrusion, we can create plastic parts and products that have all of the properties you need. From fully rigid parts to parts with rigid and flexible sections, we have you covered.


Tubing extrusion is commonly used to produce medical plastic parts. We can create rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible tubing depending on your application needs. Additionally, we have sizes ranging from ⅛ inch to 3 inches in width.

In-Line Operations

With in-line operations, you will save time and money on your finishing services. These services give your product a high-quality look and feel with embossing, inkjet printing, and more.

Assembly and Finishing

From thermoforming to off-line punching to custom packaging and kitting, our assembly and finishing services allow us to make sure your product is ready to be shipped. Save time and money with these high-volume services.

Custom Profile is Here for All of Your Medical Plastics Needs

With over 30 years of experience, Custom Profile has been creating high-quality medical plastic parts for various applications. From catheters to joint replacements, we have the ability to create whatever you need. Plus, we have an ISO-certified Class 8 Cleanroom to produce products that meet the strict specifications of the medical industry. 

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