Turn to Custom Profile for Plastic Extrusion in Juarez, Mexico

Since its inception in 1992, Custom Profile has been trusted to provide high-quality plastic extruded products on time and with exceptional customer service. With our dedicated team, state-of-the-art machinery, and extensive material catalog, we stand apart from the competition. Our extensive services include profile extrusion, assembly, tooling, and more, leaving our operations always ready to tackle whatever plastic project you bring us.  

Our Services in Juarez, Mexico

Established in 2008, our impressive Juarez, Mexico location has a production area of 52,000 sq. ft., nine extrusion lines, three co-extruders, and an ISO Certified Class 8 Clean Room. Not only can we produce our normal plastic extruded products, but with our cleanroom capabilities, we are able to produce medical equipment, such as tubing, catheters, and surgical instruments.  

Profile Extrusion

Efficient, low-cost, and high-volume manufacturing through profile extrusion allows us to create a variety of products. Our capabilities in co-extrusion, dual durometer co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, and crosshead extrusion are unmatched.


Whether you need a rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible tubing product, Custom Profile has you covered. We can manufacture tubing from ⅛-inch to 3 inches in diameter. And, with our cleanroom abilities, we can produce essential medical products.

In-Line Assembly

Get high-quality finishes without the extra time or cost with in-line assembly. At Custom Profile, we offer punching, notching, tape application, embossing, wood graining, inkjet printing, and so much more. Choose this option to add value without breaking the bank.

Assembly and Finishing

Assembly and finishing services ensure your product is perfect when it leaves our facility. We offer thermoforming, off-line punching, metal embedment, and custom packaging and kitting so your product checks off all the boxes.


By creating tooling in-house, we are able to fully control the quality of the product we are creating while also being able to reduce the time to market. Between our equipment and highly-skilled team, we can get your high-quality product out the door faster.


Our extensive material catalog contains more than 400 polymers and various compounds, all available in over 500 colors. Whatever material you need and whatever color you desire, Custom Profile can manufacture the right product.

Need Plastic Extrusion in Juarez, Mexico? Turn to Custom Profile

Since 1992, we have provided our customers with the best in high-quality extruded plastic products. The addition of our Juarez, Mexico location allowed us to start producing medical products through our ISO Certified Class 8 Cleanroom, expanding our capabilities even further. Our experienced team is dedicated to producing the best product for each client’s specific needs, and we will work closely with you to ensure you get the product you desire.  

Ready to get started on your plastic extrusion process? Contact our team in Juarez, Mexico to see what we can create for you.