Profile Extrusion

Profile Extrusion


At Custom Profile we have co-extrusion capabilities to produce profiles with two layers/features of either two different materials, or the same material but with different colors or gloss levels. Co-extrusion of a high gloss polymer layer or a high gloss covered polymer provides improved aesthetic appeal.

Profile Extrusion

Dual Durometer Co-Extrusion

Single parts can be extruded from multiple hardness polymers in one extrusion process. Dual durometer extrusion includes multi-functional hard and soft material combinations. Some of the dual-durometer material combinations are listed below.



Custom Profiles tri-extrusion technology allows for combining three compatible polymers together through a common profile co-extrusion die. The benefit of tri-extrusion is the ability to provide different finishes, colors, and combinations of rigid and soft materials. For example, a tri-extrusion from three different materials may include a rigid core from Polystyrene (HIPS), a soft TPE for fingers or seals, and an SBC (Styrene-Butadiene Copolymer) skin later to increase the floss and aesthetic appearance of the profile.

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Crosshead Extrusion

We have the capability to encapsulate a substrate such as a continuous metallic wire or strip into a plastic profile during the extrusion process.

Crosshead cleaned