versatile plastic

There are many instances in which a plastic product needs to have various properties, such as having both rigid and flexible parts. This may seem like a tough feat — having to create two separate parts and mold them together. Luckily, there are a few different production processes that allow you to create versatile plastic products easily.

There are many types of plastic extrusion that are used to create versatile plastic products. Each process is able to combine different materials to yield a product that meets the exact specifications of the customer and industry. Let’s explore them.


The co-extrusion process involves two different materials being extruded through the same die, merging them into a singular part or product. This production process allows manufacturers to create parts with multiple characteristics, creating versatile plastic products. This includes products with both flexible and rigid sections, chemical-resistant outer layers, and more.

Co-Extrusion Benefits

Short Turnaround Times

Since you don’t have to separately produce two parts and take the time to properly secure them together, co-extrusion provides short turnaround times so you get your products quickly.


The co-extrusion process is shorter than many other manufacturing methods that produce versatile plastic products, reducing the amount of time and labor required, and thus reducing your costs.

Combines Various Desirable Properties

You have the ability to combine multiple materials while maintaining the characteristics of each individual polymer, leaving you with the ideal product.

Dual Durometer Co-Extrusion

Another method of manufacturing that combines materials with different properties is dual durometer co-extrusion. This process is specifically used to extrude polymers with different hardnesses, however, the process is similar to co-extrusion in the way that it extrudes both polymers together.

Benefits of Dual Durometer Co-Extrusion

Higher Quality Products

During this process, you are able to choose two different materials rather than a singular polymer that won’t meet all of your needs, yielding a higher-quality product for your intended application.

Consistent Cross-Sections

Dual durometer co-extrusion creates consistent, uniform cross-sections which improve part quality and give them a longer lifespan.

Shorter Turnaround Times

Much like co-extrusion, this process is much faster for creating parts with different hardnesses rather than manufacturing one part at a time.


Tri-extrusion is the process of extruding three compatible polymers together. This process allows your product to have different finishes and colors, and rigid and flexible parts.

Benefits of Tri-Extrusion

Fast Timeline and Cost Savings

Since you are extruding three polymers at the same time rather than creating three separate parts and putting them together, you save time and money on the production process.

Improved Product Quality

By combining the advantageous properties of each polymer, you increase the flexibility, stability, and protection of your products based on the needs of your application.

Custom Profile Has the Processes Needed to Create Versatile Plastic Parts

For over 30 years, Custom Profile has been creating plastic extruded products for a wide range of industries. Whether you need versatile plastic parts created through co-extrusion or tri-extrusion or if you need tubing created, we have you covered. From the construction industry to commercial refrigeration to office furniture, our team has created countless different products.

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