products made by extrusion

Plastic extrusion is an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process that creates parts with all of the properties your application requires. The process has so many benefits, it is no surprise that various products in nearly all industries are made through extrusion. So, what are some common products made by extrusion? Let’s explore them.

Benefits of Plastic Extrusion


Many of the materials used in plastic extrusion are affordable and easy to machine, leading to a lower cost manufacturing process. Additionally, the process is efficient, allowing your manufacturer to create more of a product or part in a shorter amount of time. The machines used in extrusion can run continuously as well to further maximize production and lead to even more cost savings.

Less Wasteful

The thermoplastics used in the plastic profile and tubing extrusion processes can be reused many times. Due to their inherent properties, these thermoplastics can be melted, hardened, and reshaped numerous times to reduce the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process.

Design Flexibility

The extrusion process can produce numerous complex shapes, allowing you and your manufacturer to have the flexibility needed to design a part exactly as you envisioned it. Additionally, many different thermoplastics can be used in the extrusion process and you have the ability to combine different thermoplastics through co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, crosshead extrusion, and dual durometer co-extrusion so your parts have all of the properties you desire.

Products Made By Extrusion Broken Up By Industry

There are countless products made by extrusion for a large number of industries. Their many beneficial properties, cost-effective manufacturing process, and design flexibility make them a popular choice for many products.


Many construction products are made through the extrusion process. Extrusion is chosen for this industry due to the durability of the final products and the cost-effective production process. Some of the most common construction products made by extrusion include exterior siding, piping, pipe fittings, electrical housings, and power tools.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows require both rigid and flexible parts that are weather-resistant to be successful. The extrusion process is popular for this industry because it can produce either rigid or durable parts, or parts with a combination of both properties through co-extrusion, dual durometer co-extrusion, and tri-extrusion. This process is used to create window frames, weatherstripping, gaskets, frame reinforcements, and more.

Garage Doors

Much like doors and windows, garage doors require rigid and flexible parts that can withstand the weather. Trim, weatherstripping, molding, seals, decorative pieces, and more are created through the plastic extrusion process.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration products need to be able to withstand low temperatures and constant use. The extrusion process is used to produce door gaskets, trim, shelf edging, and tube drains in many commercial refrigeration applications.


Common appliance products made by extrusion include trim, edging, tubing, and hoses. These parts need to be able to handle a range of temperatures and constant use, making the durability of extruded products ideal.

Renewable Energy

With the renewable energy industry growing rapidly, more and more companies are looking for affordable ways to produce parts for eco-friendly energy sources. Extrusion is used to create parts for solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal systems.

Office Furniture

Office furniture needs to be durable, yet affordable. Luckily, products created through extrusion offer both characteristics. This manufacturing process can be used to create various pieces of furniture, including chairs and plastic desktops.

Recreational Vehicles

Durable parts for recreational vehicles require less maintenance and cost-effective manufacturing makes these vehicles more affordable. Many automotive components are created from extrusion including trim, molding, seals, and window frames.


The extrusion process can be done with FDA-approved materials and within a cleanroom to yield products that are biocompatible and sterilized. Some common medical devices produced through extrusion include medical devices, tubing, catheters, surgical instruments, and dental instruments.


Plastics and thermoplastics are a popular choice in the production of lighting components. They have good electrical insulation and can withstand a variety of temperatures. Many times housings and electrical insulation for lighting applications are created from extrusion due to these properties.

Lawn and Garden

Since lawn and garden equipment need to be durable, water-resistant, chemical-resistant, and UV-resistant, the extrusion process is a popular manufacturing method. Extrusion can create outdoor furniture, power tool components, equipment parts, lawn edging, hoses, and tubing.

Custom Profile Has Experience Creating Numerous Products Through Extrusion

For over 30 years, Custom Profile has been creating products by extrusion for numerous industries. From construction to medicine, we have the knowledge and skill needed to create extruded, tubing extruded, co-extruded, tri-extruded, or dual durometer co-extruded products. We also have an ISO-certified class 8 cleanroom to make sure your medical products are up to your safety standards.

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