hdpe products

High-density polyethylene, or HDPE, is a thermoplastic polymer that is made from petroleum. It is one of the most versatile plastics on the market and is used in a wide range of industries, including construction, medicine, consumer goods, and more. On top of being highly versatile, HDPE has many other beneficial properties, making it a popular choice for various applications. Let’s explore the properties of HDPE and what HDPE products are on the market.

Properties of HDPE

HDPE has many beneficial properties that make it a good choice for many industries. Some of these properties include:

Each of these properties contributes to their use in various industries. The durability, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance of HDPE products are some of the most desirable properties.

Common HDPE Products


Since HDPE is resistant to both chemicals and water, it is a great choice for piping since it will be able to withstand whatever is flowing through it. Additionally, HDPE is weatherproof and temperature-resistant, allowing it to be used in pipes that may be exposed to the elements. Since it is so durable, HDPE pipes aren’t as susceptible to bursting or cracking, keeping properties and people safe.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods such as laundry detergent bottles, food storage containers, and more, are created from HDPE. The durability and chemical-resistant nature of HDPE means it won’t break down from the chemicals in cleaning agents. Additionally, its heat resistance allows it to be used in food storage containers without melting or degrading upon being placed in a microwave or oven.

Electrical and Communication Wire Protectors

HDPE is also a good electrical insulator. On top of its water resistance and temperature resistance, HDPE makes a great electrical or wire insulator. Its durability also means it won’t become damaged easily, allowing it to maintain its integrity.

Medical Applications

HDPE is commonly used in medical applications, such as tubing, implants, packaging, and devices. This polymer is a popular choice in medical applications due to its durability, resistance to water and chemicals, and good biocompatibility — meaning it won’t react with the human body in a negative way.

Trim for Windows and Doors

Trim for doors and windows needs to be durable, weatherproof, waterproof, and temperature resistant in order to withstand constant use, sun, rain, snow, and high and low temperatures. Due to these desired properties, HDPE is a popular option.

Appliance Parts

Appliances are subject to various wear and tear due to constant use, exposure to cold temperatures, and exposure to water and chemicals. HDPE is great for creating appliance parts because it is waterproof and chemical- and temperature-resistant. Plus, its durability will allow it to withstand daily use.

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