plastic compounds

Plastic compounds are commonly used in many industries and provide numerous benefits, such as improved performance. These compounds combine polymers with additives to give the resulting products everything they need to be successful in their applications. Let’s explore what these plastic compounds are and how they can benefit you.

What are Plastic Compounds?

Plastic compounds are blends of polymers and additives. These blends combine additives with your polymer in order to give your plastics additional desirable properties that help improve the performance of the product. True to their name, plastic compounds are created through the plastic compounding process. During this process, general polymers are melt-blended with additives into a homogenous mixture, resulting in the desired enhanced properties.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Compounds?

Enhanced Physical Properties

The additives used in plastic compounds have the ability to improve dimensional stability, increase stiffness, add UV tolerance, add fire retardation, and give the product antimicrobial properties. These enhanced properties give your products a higher quality and allow them to perform better in their applications.

While the plastic extrusion process yields products with many desirable properties, including parts with two different hardnesses, the plastics used play a huge role in the performance of the product. By incorporating additives to your polymers, you ensure your products will meet your exact specifications and are of the highest quality.

Improved Aesthetics

Functionality is crucial, however, your products should also be attractive and comfortable to use. In addition to improving physical characteristics, some plastic compound additives have the ability to improve the look and feel of your plastic products. In many cases, you are able to choose the colors of your plastic compounds, allowing them to have the look you desire.

Safer Products

These compounds may be safer than traditional polymers due to the types of additives used. For example, antimicrobial additives prevent and discourage the growth of bacteria on your plastic products, making them ideal for use in the medical industry. Additionally, fire retardation additives give your products the ability to withstand flames so they can be used in applications where fire may be present.

Cost Savings

Trying to find the perfect polymer that has all of the desired properties you may need can be time-consuming and costly. By implementing plastic compounds, you can choose a polymer within your budget and add the properties you need, saving you both time and money.

Custom Profile has the Plastic Compounds You Need

Custom Profile has been working with our clients to create plastic extruded products that meet their exact specifications since 1992. Our capabilities allow us to create plastic products through the processes of tubing extrusion, co-extrusion, dual durometer co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, and crosshead extrusion. We also have over 400 different grades of polymers and the ability to create the plastic compounds you need, so your product exceeds your expectations every time.

We also have an ISO Certified Class 8 Clean Room at our location in Juarez, Mexico, allowing us to manufacture plastic products for critical industries, including medical. Once your product is manufactured, our assembly and finishing services will ensure your product is the best it can be before leaving our facilities.

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