advantages of plastic extrusion

Plastic extrusion is a common manufacturing process involving the creation of continuous shapes of plastic. This is created by pressing molten resin through an opening in a die and cutting the product to the desired length, typically yielding tubing, piping, sheeting, and more. Since it is such a popular practice, let’s explore the advantages of plastic extrusion.


The overall process of plastic extrusion is affordable. Since thermoplastics are less expensive and easier to work with than metals or other materials, the cost of the process can be greatly reduced. Additionally, both the materials used and disposal are cheaper than many other plastic manufacturing processes, such as injection molding.

High-Production Volumes and Efficient Run Times

The machines used in plastic profile extrusion can run continuously. This means that manufacturing doesn’t ever really need to stop. Manufacturing using this process can produce large quantities of products in a short period, reducing the risk of inventory shortages.

Flexible Design

The flexibility that plastic extrusion offers is nearly unparalleled. Many materials can be used to create various designs. From PVC to polyethylene and so much more, the number of materials used for the creation of these products is vast. Additionally, it is possible to create dies of various shapes and sizes, allowing manufacturers to create the exact product you need with ease.

Easy Finishing

Finishing and assembly services can easily be added to the fabrication process of profile extrusion. Whether in-line operations are needed or finishing and assembly services, they can be completed with minimal disruption.

In-line operations include:

Finishing and Assembly Services include:


Manufacturing products using profile extrusion allows for consistent cross-sections on all parts, indicating a high level of quality. The process itself maintains tight tolerances and is able to create products that meet stringent standards repeatedly.


When using profile extrusion as your manufacturing process, you are able to utilize co-extrusion, where you extrude two or more different polymers simultaneously. This creates complex products with varying properties in a single piece, ultimately increasing functionality.

There are various co-extrusion processes, including:

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