At Custom Profile, recycling is a priority. Extruding intricate profiles while holding tight tolerances can be challenging and as a result some level of scrap (<10%) is inherent during start-up and shut-down.  Our in-house recycling system allows for scrap product to be ground as it comes off the extruder and the reground material is re-extruded by itself up to 100% or blended with virgin materials at the specified percentage. Let us work together on your next product design to determine if we can lower your costs and contribute to a greener world by including recycled materials in your next profile or tubing extrusion. Recycled materials available include RPVC, ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS, LDPE, and Acrylic. In addition to our in-house recycling program, cardboard is reused for shipping and packaging, process water from our extrusion line is filtered and recycled, waste metal from our tool machining center is sold for recycling, and oil waste is properly disposed and recycled.